I chanced upon this recipe for honey cake, a traditional sweet for the Jewish new year, while perusing the web nearly ten years ago, amid unhappiness with the dry and otherwise uninspiring offerings I have had the misfortune of plastering onto my hips. The recipe, which yields the most addictive batter which later transforms into a mouthwateringly moist and majestic cake, is by Marcy Goldman.

While I make some adjustments to it, I love the fact that you can basically add all the wet ingredients together, then the dry, and the final result is almost always the same – stunning. Friends interested in knowing these adjustments will have to enquire Indoors, especially after our guests last night thought it was the best honey cake they’ve had. This was no doubt helped by the fact that I accidentally (honest) poured into the cake my husband’s prized select reserve Glenrothes single malt. Oops.

Click here for the key to a sweet year. And thank you Marcy!

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