A sweet and happy new year to you all! It’s the first day of the ten High Holidays of awe in the year 5770. A friend sent me a joke saying the Chinese year is 4706, meaning the Jews had gone without Chinese food for more than a thousand years, a period known as the Dark Ages 😉

Pomegranates are traditionally eaten on the second night (tonight), as they are a new fruit, and supposedly contain 613 seeds, the same as the number of commandments in the Torah. I don’t know if you’ve ever ascertained the truth of this, but I gave up on the pommy after digging out 15 seeds with a spoon. Not the easiest thing, especially after chopping up a vat of lamb and several fridgeloads of veggies. With luck, I’ll have more patience with those commandments. And hopefully some feeling will return to these fingers soon.

Stay tuned, the New Year honey cake comes next!

Check out this gorgeous and extremely large salad our friends Josh and Emily brought round last night, which stars pomegranate seeds that they dug out with grace 🙂

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