So I copped out on the chicken soup and matzo balls this year. What can I say, it’s a recession and I couldn’t countenance wasting an entire carcass for what would have been, no doubt, a tasty soup. Besides, the butcher was long on non-kosher sausages and short on chicken bones. Instead, I reproduced a soup I came up with a few weeks earlier when I found myself with two voluptuous melons fast ripening and fast stinking up my kitchen – this is what melons do if you haven’t room in your fridge for them – and had to find a non-wasteful way of using them up.

Here’s what you need for a simple soup that’s cool, sweet, refreshing, addictive and totally natural, containing no added sugar, fat or salt. Keep in mind when picking your melons (I added an extra one here to stretch the soup further) that canteloupes in particular are rife with vitamins A and C.

  • melons, 3 (canteloupe, orange-flesh honeydew)
  • oranges, 2, juice and zest of
  • lemon, 1, juice and zest of
  • orange juice, extra (from carton if necessary)
  1. Halve the melons and discard the seeds before scooping out the flesh into a liquidizer
  2. Add the juices and zest
  3. Blend till smooth
  4. Add some mint to the soup if you wish and refrigerate a few hours before serving
  5. Serve with a drizzle of honey, or a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds, or with melon balls

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