Little did I imagine when I hankered after a kitchen with sparkling stainless steel appliances what a herculean task it would be to keep them glitzy and fingerprint free. In fact, I pin all blame for my recent absence from this blog on this time-consuming conundrum.

Over the years, I have tried glass cleaner, special sprays for stainless steel appliances, a ludicrous array of lint-free cloths, and was just about to throw in the non-proverbial towel, when I discovered the answer right there in my larder.

For those of you who aren’t visited on a regular basis by the chirpy cleansing crew known as Merry Maids, this might prove your salvation too.

All you need is straight-up vinegar, some inoffensive smelling oil, kitchen paper and a soft buffing cloth.

  • First, wipe the surface thoroughly with a jay cloth or kitchen paper dipped in a bowl of vinegar. This will eradicate any kitchen grease. The task will smell pretty rotten but it should open up your sinuses and it beats having streaks and fingerprints all over your fridge.
  • Then, pour a little oil (canola is scent-free and works beautifully) into a small bowl. Into this bowl, dip a clean sheet of kitchen paper and wipe the surface again – and thoroughly.
  • Before your eyes, stains will disappear, the sheen will reappear, your sanity will be restored, and your fridge will thank you for the absence of trans fat and cholesterol in the canola oil.
  • Polish with the buffing cloth and pour yourself a martini
  • Call your friends and have a dinner party before those mysterious fingerprints reappear!

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