Now that you’ve roasted a whole leg of lamb, how does one make the refrigerated leftovers look appetising again? Stick them in a wrap for lunch in a snap!

  • roast lamb leftovers, sliced
  • tzatziki, a few tablespoonfuls
  • salad leaves or spinach, handful
  • wholewheal wrap/s, as needed

  1. If eating immediately (as opposed to packing a school or work lunch), the lamb may be heated gently in a 200C oven for 10-15 mins, in aluminium foil. When done, slice thinly
  2. Prepare the wraps – spread tzatziki over the wrap
  3. Dot with tabasco if desired, arrange salad leaves on top
  4. Top with meat and roll up
  5. As an alternative to the tzatziki, yoghurt may be used, flavoured with some fresh, chopped mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon juice

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