lamb kofta with leek1
lamb kofta with leek1

The best thing about these lamb koftas is also their worst thing – they’re so darned tasty that however large a batch you make, there’s only going to be these three wee balls left (and I had to hide them) as evidence of your labors.These koftas were actually Plan B. The weather, which was uncooperative, left Plan A out in the rain – burgers on the barbie. But luckily what I had planned to use for A, a creation from just last week, were also perfect for B (today’s happy brainwave).

Here’s how you make them. We had them with rice and sautéed spinach and tomatoes.

For the koftas:

  • Lamb, minced, about 1 ½ pounds
  • Leek, finely sliced into rounds, 3 large ones
  • Mint, two large handfuls, chopped
  • Ginger, 1 ½ inch worth, chopped into smithereens
  • Garam masala, 1 tbsp
  • Soy sauce, 1 tbsp
  • Salt and pepper, as needed
  1. Saute the leek and ginger till softened
  2. Add the garam masala, stir till well incorporated and fragrant
  3. Bung leek and ginger into a bowl with the soy sauce and chopped mint
  4. Add raw meat to it, mix it well together and form into balls
  5. Brown the koftas in a little olive oil to caramelize them a little on both sides, they don’t need to be cooked through
  6. Remove and place on kitchen paper to soak up excess oil

To make the curry:

  • Leek or several shallots, sliced
  • Ginger, 1 inch worth, chopped finely
  • Garlic, chopped, 1 tsp
  • Coriander, ground, 1 tbsp
  • Cumin, 1 tsp
  • Stock, 1 to 1 ½ cups
  • Optional – Coconut cream, 2 tbsp
  1. Saute leek, ginger and garlic, add half a chopped chili if you like (I do like)
  2. Add the dry spices and sauté till fragrant
  3. Add some chicken stock, about 1 to 1 ½ cups
  4. Go slowly, so your curry isn’t too thin
  5. Once it starts to simmer, gently add the kofta balls into the curry
  6. Cook about 10 mins, making sure it’s simmering and doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan
  7. Season towards the end, adding 2 tbsp of thick coconut cream if you like

Eat immediately. Serve with rice and raita and a fresh sautéed veg. Enjoy!


lamb kofta with leek
lamb kofta with leek