As the Olympic Games open in London today, a day before we make our own 100-meter dash (to the boarding gates for our annual pilgrimage to London), I reflect on the gargantuan task I’ve been tackling all week – of emptying a near-full fridge. Ugh.

This was not easy, stuffed as it was with fowl and fish candidates for the barbecue and a preponderance of fruit and veggies, on top of leftovers.

Here’s how I whittled the fridge down to half its girth, with no further shopping needed since last Thursday:

-Froze fish I bought on Wednesday

-Made up half the ground beef chuck into burgers, eaten on Sunday

-Made up the other half into mini meatballs for the kiddos, eaten Tuesday night

-Plunged smoked salmon into a lovely quiche, using up one of several zucchinis and a carton of mushrooms. Baked, it keeps for a few days and saved me cooking dinner a couple of times

-Grilled red and yellow peppers, for use in salads and possibly a soup. Still have two fresh ones – what was I thinking when I bought so many?!

-Chopped up cucumber and vine tomatoes, added squeeze of lime, fresh mint, garlic and chopped chilis to make a salsa. This has been part of my salad and salad dressing the past two days

-Did I mention fowl? Two massive thingies of chicken thighs and legs were doused in spices (special recipe of mine, must share some day) for guests on Friday. Leftover chicken has been wonderful in sandwiches, wraps, on noodles and salads since. Yes, there was that much.

-Cobs of corn were boiled for two minutes, cut off the cob and handily used as salad toppings

-Grilled tomato leftovers were also great for those salads

-Before those strawberries began to have a life of their own (with added green fuzz), I whizzed one carton into a smoothie for the kids, with plain yoghurt and bananas that also needed to be consumed post haste

-Further strawberries, pineapple and raspberries in the fridge will meet the same fate.

-Blueberries were taken in baggies to work and eaten for or with breakfast

-Two large containers of basil and mint, which I’d bought for the Friday get-together with the usual paranoia of ‘not having enough’ herbs in my containers outside, will each be subject to the following: Whizzed, with garlic and olive oil for the basil (for a pesto-ish salad dressing, which I will freeze) and chili for the mint into a killer dip for my personal satisfaction (also heading to freezer)

-Avocados have gone in salads and sandwiches all week. The final three approach the finish line today as guacamole

-Plain yoghurt – some was poured directly into kids’ mouths and rest into smoothies, or into kids’ mouths via smoothies

-Finally: To give to neighbor with little kids – the remaining two cucumbers and three peppers. Oh, and my orchid plant too, for babysitting 😉