If you asked me 12 years ago, when child #1 was born, if I’d find myself baking a cake sinisterly named The Creeper, my response would have been ‘huh?!’ followed by ‘heck no.’ But with two boys mad on Minecraft in the house, this day was inevitable. Well, here it is, in all its neon green glory – attempt #2 at a Minecraft cake: Introducing The Creeper!  

Btw, this is the second Minecraft cake I’ve baked in two months, the first one being here, and boy, was that a hit.

For the unintiated, Minecraft is a computer game based on creativity and building, which seems to have captured the imagination of kids and adults alike, despite its pixelated, relatively unpolished appearance. My kids were horrified when I previously described it as an “online Lego” with extra elements, versions and web flexibility.

The Creeper, inspiration for this cake (see left for his ‘true’ appearance online), is a creature that can cause – gasp – damage to the player and his/her blocks. They spawn at night and are, apparently, most dangerous when they’re most silent.

This Creeper, luckily, didn’t have a chance to do any damage, with innards made lovingly of homemade chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting. His neon green face, like the Minecraft Cake I did in February, is made (from scratch) of marshmallow, into which I kneaded lots of green food color (evidence still to be found on hands). Read that post if you’d like to try your own hand at the meta creative task of crafting a Minecraft cake, and see the former results below.

Happy 12th birthday to my elborn child! 🙂