This bubelach is precisely why I set up this blog. To pass on family favorites from one generation to the next πŸ™‚

During our recent visit to London, Grandpa Mike treated the boys to his favorite recipe for bubelach, a fried pancake which uses matzah meal and so, is suitable for Passover consumption.

While frying up the little breakfast treats, told his grandsons how he, too, would stand next to his mum while she cooked up the exact little cakelets in oil, while reaching out with eager fingers to steal bits of the cinnammon and sugar that the bubelach are later dredged in.

To make them, mix four tablespoons of matzah meal with four eggs, whisk to a froth. You may add a dash of milk and orange zest if you like (I did), and a tablespoon of potato flour if you wish. Then, drop them by spoonfuls into a pan in which olive oil has been heated up (but not to smoking point).

Cook till golden brown, flip, transfer to a kitchen-papered dish to soak up excess oil (not a necessary step), then dredge in cinnamon and sugar. My kids had some this way, and some plain with jam.

Don’t forget the most important ingredients – a dash of love, and small, hungry tums to pass the tradition on to.