(A version of this was published on Baristanet Feb. 1, 2011)

I’ve been waiting for a yummy Indian restaurant to show up in a commercial space near me. Let’s hope this will be the one that will save me  from slaving over a stove cooking Indian meals  (slaving is entirely necessary, unfortunately, to do it well)!

Brick Lane, the third offshoot of an Indian restaurant with its roots in NYC, will open its doors “in three weeks’ time,” almost directly opposite Valley National Bank on Valley Road, according to a manager of Brick Lane.

The restaurant is named for the street in London, UK, a landing area in decades past for Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish and Bengali/Sylheti immigrants, and on which many curry houses are located.

“We are having the interiors done now and don’t have an exact date for the opening yet,” said the manager who is based at Brick Lane on East 6th Street. He declined to be named, or to provide more details, save that the theme of the original curry houses in New York will continue in Montclair, and that further restaurants in New Jersey were being considered.

Brick Lane’s website offers a glimpse of what future diners may expect: “The whole enterprise is modeled not after U.S. Indian restaurants, but after the curry houses of Brick Lane in London, where curries have replaced crumpets as the national meal. The menu, therefore, is lighter on tandooris and khurmas and heavier on kebabs and robust curries.”

Montclair’s Brick Lane is positioned between CVS and A&P supermarket on Valley Road. The restaurant’s second outlet in New York City is on 235 East 53rd Street.