One of my sons came home from school, picked up the mail on the porch and started going through it. One envelope caught his attention and he started going, “awww” and “can we please give money to this baby?” It was from the SmileTrain – a charity that provides cleft lip and palate surgery for children. In this ‘want, want’ age, I was gratified for this display of empathy, so the answer was of course, yes (and please click on the link, too, if you can), and my son said, “Now those babies can smile again!”

On another positive note, at our boys’ Back to School Night yesterday, I mentioned to a fellow parent what a well-mannered and polite child she had, and how friendly, and how it would be nice to set up a playdate for our kids.

She was so touched and said that that remark made her happier than any other feedback she’d got from school. I was kinda chuffed too that this pleased her so, and have to say that of all the things I hear about my kids from teachers or other parents, the ones that bring me the most nachus, or pride, are the comments about their being well-mannered or respectful.

A third, relatively trivial event, brought sunshine to me on a platter today. A new cast-iron skillet over which I had hummed and hawwed for ages (these past two years of bargain hunting has turned me into a cheap charlie), but which, with assistance from a housewarming-related gift card, I decided to splurge on.

What do you reckon? I’m so pleased I’ll be able to start something on the stove and stick the whole thing in the oven afterwards. And the yellow will look ever so cheerful against a pie crust πŸ˜‰