Are you (like me) a klutz? Have you been avoiding sharpening your knives for fear of adding unwitting bits of meat to that chopped salad? Are you fed up of slicing stubborn heads of cabbage with spoons in knives’ clothing?

In the old days (2008 to be precise) in Canada, despite a fear of sharp objects, I would happily wait for the eerie music of our neighborhood Knife Sharpening Guy, whose tunes were only a touch less sinister than those of the Ice Cream Man and of Psycho’s shower scene (coincidence that a sharp shiny object is involved in the latter??) Thereupon I would grab my 20 once-super-sharp German kitchen knives and a stash of spare Ikea knives  – NOT by the blade end – and rush down the two flights of steep stairs to the street, across it and up to KSG’s van, sighing with relief that I had made it without tripping and falling upon all 30 knives, blunt though they were. Ten minutes and $20 later, a more precarious return journey would ensue, but I’d be grinning ear to ear at the thought of being able to slice tomatoes, sushi, meat, even bread, cleanly once again.

Taking the knives to KSG was always better than attempting to sharpen them myself – with those ridiculous metal rods, a slab of stone, or the back end of my can-opener with a purpose-built knife-sharpener, especially since these efforts never yielded a sharper knife. Just a more irritated cook.

Enter the AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener, yours for just $9 (on discount right now) and orderable via Amazon! Unfortunately, it won’t get rid of your fear of cutting yourself, nay, could even exacerbate it. But it could mean the end of cooking stews with one long piece of unchoppable meat in them, of clumsily cut veg or the torn-up clumps of bread that you’ve been force-feeding your toaster.

This nondescript piece of plastic is fitted with tungsten carbide sharpeners of ‘high-grade industrial quality.’ I like that it’s small, light, takes very little space in a kitchen drawer, and best of all, it works.

Following the instructions, I ran the blades of all 40 of my former spoons, just a few strokes for each, and voila, they were returned to razor-sharp slicing, chopping and mincing glory! I could have gone on sharpening them endlessly, it was all too easy, if not for that fear of sharp metal.

Note to self: Move First-Aid box from upstairs bathroom to kitchen