I am setting forth on my cookin’ and bloggin’ endeavours this year with a purpose that’s singular (great for those with ADD needing a focal point), yet rich with diversity and flavors to keep things interesting (also great for ADDers). It’s early January and change is always possible. Yes, this means forget those early salads. What was I thinking?

Instead, I am embarking on a Holiday Feasts project, which will unite all the things I love. Food (of course), people (of course), new food-styling, photography and video opportunities, different cultures, histories, practices and food traditions, all centered around time-honored (some newer than others) festivities.

Call me an Ambassador of Food. And allow me to bring people together through their adoration of the yummy, edible stuff, and curiosity (it is hoped) about the yummy, edible traditions of others.

This doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily give up old favorites regular like the baked goodies and cupcakes and kids’ recipes. Somehow, I think there will be room for everything, in keeping with this theme of embracing the melting pot world we live in. If you prefer to be an ingredient out in the cold by yourself, you’re welcome to it. But I’ve gotta warn you, there are going to be some very exciting events and food projects on the DivaIndoors calendar this year.

First, a poll. What do you think I should name this project? Holiday Feasts? Melting Pot? Please suggest something too, in comments.