The to-do list went on and on, even as a sense of foreboding and doubt built, as if it were The Ten Commandments. Only it outnumbered them:

  • bake 75 cupcakes for three different parties – two Halloween, one a ghoulie-girlie birthday
  • decorate all said cupcakes
  • attend physio for a hand injury (same hand needed for baking)
  • find H1N1 clinic for adults
  • fix punctured car tire (ended up replacing the thing)
  • write three stories
  • organize photos for another story chase up a photo assignment
  • organize craft items for a school party
  • deliver stuff relating to a school fundraiser
  • grocery shopping
  • pack and post a parcel via UPS to a keen Craigslist buyer
  • pick up child and his playdate from school
Lots of unknowns. How much would get done today? What happens if I don’t finish up? How would I organize myself? How did I get myself into this mess?
One thing I knew for sure – I had to get cracking. The eggs complied.
By the end of the day, 10.00pm to be exact, this is what I had to show for it, in terms of cupcakes anyway.


My kitchen comes with it a butler’s pantry, with a view (see the last pic) that transforms with the seasons – the autumn one is my favorite.

Happy Halloween!

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