Happy July the 4th! Made this to take to our favourite neighbours’ today – all at the last minute and didn’t have time for a proper photo (try and ignore the missing chunk, more would be missing in another few minutes). Didn’t take long at all to assemble, just make sure you’ve done the jelly or jello ahead of time.

  • jelly, 2 packets (follow instructions and have all gelled)
  • cream, 500ml
  • milk, 700 ml
  • egg yolks, 12
  • vanilla pod, 1, seeds scraped out
  • sponge fingers, about 2 packets
  • strawberry jam, as needed
  • sugar, 4 tbsp
  • corn starch, 2 tbsp

  1. To make the custard, bring the cream and milk almost to a simmer, having scraped the vanilla pod seeds into it first
  2. While cream and milk heat up, whisk egg yolks together with corn starch and sugar in a separate bowl
  3. Once cream has just started to simmer, pour it onto the egg yolk mixture, whisking all the time
  4. Return this whisked egg-cream mixture to the pan on the stove and keep whisking, heat still on, until it begins to thicken
  5. Take it off the stove, transfer to another receptacle and allow to cool further
  6. When cool, assemble the trifle
  7. Layer the sponge fingers, sandwiched together with some jam, at the bottom of a large glass bowl (for visual effect)
  8. Add the cut up jelly/jello on top of the sponge fingers
  9. You may add strawberries on top of the jelly/jello (I normally do)
  10. Pour custard on top of the fruit and jelly
  11. Top up with 250ml of double cream which has been whisked to the fluffy stage
  12. Finally, a few handfuls of plump blueberries right on top
  13. Cool and luscious on a gorgeous summer’s day spent with wonderful people!

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