Pancakes are without a doubt the top breakfast in our house. I try to vary the recipes for interest, but appear to have found an unexpected winner in a wholemeal-oatmeal combination. This pancake’s popularity is a sum of how frequently the family demands it and the alacrity with which it disappears from their plates. The fact that I could make it half asleep, blindfolded, in my pajamas and sans fancy kitchen tools, is beside the point.

There have been numerous experiments with varying permutations and combinations of plain flour, wholemeal flour, soy flour, sugar, sweetener, milk, yoghurt, whole eggs, egg whites, bran and oatmeal, as well as the vacation flirtations with boxed pancake mixes.

The latter, I note with smug parental satisfaction, my children have left half eaten after the initial (almost insulting) enthusiasm. Needless to say the ingredients lists of the mixes were often unending and included copious amounts of sodium and sugar. It’s also hard not to question the need for the canary-yellow food colouring.

  • Oats, old fashioned and plain, 1 cup
  • Wholemeal flour, 1 cup
  • Eggs, 2, beaten
  • Milk, about 2 cups
  • Salt and sugar, pinch of, each
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

  1. Combine all together with a whisk
  2. Pour onto preheated nonstick pan by ladlefuls
  3. Flip over when done or golden brown on one side
  4. Serve immediately with fresh fruit or jam or maple syrup. Mmmm!