An extended romp in the park with frisbees, badminton rackets, scoopy bats and sticky velcro-bat-and-ball games on a happy sunshiny summer’s day can leave one on the verge of starvation. Luckily we spied the word “fish” on an attractive blue signboard minutes after leaving Primrose Hill.

A quick scan of Fishworks‘ menu promised all sorts of underwater finned, gilled or shelled creatures cooked in various styles – enough bait to lure us in. I have to admit we don’t normally jump into any old restaurant without hours of research, interviews with food-loving mates and perusing of the Zagat guide, so we must’ve been famished!

The restaurant was simple and understated from the outside and charmingly similar inside, decked in a nautical theme with chunky, rather pleasing, naive seaside and beach-themed oil paintings.

The children, who really do enjoy fish the best of all protein offerings, had the most beautifully seasoned and crumbed fish and chips – the litmus test for a quality F in the F&C equation being the gap between the eating of the fish and of the chips. In the boys’ case, no gap at all, as mum and dad (well, mum) freely nicked the chips with ne’er a protest, and the children locked in poisson zone.

We, meanwhile, had picked sea bass – Richard wanted his whole while I requested them filleted, after an early experience with a two-inch long fishbone lodged in my throat which left me scarred forever, physically and pscyhologically.

Our fish came grilled to succulent, golden-brown perfection, seasoned simply with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and served with fresh-cut fat wedges of lemon. They were just stunning! Nothing beats the aroma of the freshest of fish, minimally adorned and seared to within a millisecond of doneness. I had started to fantasize about that fish instantly, even as it had barely begun its progress toward digestion. I’m sure the fantasy will repeat itself with regularity 😀

Well, the fish were so delish that I only got as far as photographing the bread and dips, which were also scrummy and fresh. I promise to attempt reproducing that wonderful bass soon, pics and all .. can’t wait!

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