My blueberry-picking son turned 8 and he wanted to have a party with just a few mates at a rock-climbing place.

After 7 years of painstakingly making animal or vehicle-shaped fondant covered cakes (I have made at least 12), I tore myself from tradition and decided on cupcakes instead. They didn’t take any less time, but they’re easily stored (I love my dinky cupcake transporter) and easily moved around. And they come in their own neat, biodegradable, single-serve packaging.

What more could one want? More, clearly. Exclaimed a child with admirable mathematical skills, “Look! We can have four cupcakes each!” Sad to say, this didn’t happen…. didn’t want the children all sugared up and bouncing off the walls when their parents arrived at pick-up time. Although they were in a good place for this 😉

It was great having the party outside the house – quite rare you can tell, by how I’m going on about it. But I felt I was shortchanging him by not doing my kiddy birthday spread – the layered jellies, cutout tuna and egg and pinwheel sandwiches, le gateau du jour, cheesy pastries, hummus and pita bread – all lovingly made.

But I also didn’t have to clean up afterwards 🙂
Oops, never cook dinner while blogging…..

My son and his friends had a ball!