Cupcake days come around every fortnight at my children’s school – it’s a tasty fundraiser and there is no dreamier sight than all the cupcakes laid out in their kaleidoscopic glory in the designated room at school, no speedier fall from grace once the marauding masses are marched in.

While the kids have plenty to look forward to, it can be a bit of a challenge for a working parent to rush home, put the dinner on, dig out mouldy bits of snacks from backpacks and then find, shock and horror, that the school calendar dictates that 24 little decorated gateaux are due at the school by 9am the next day!

Luckily, some of this stress can be relieved with a bit of help from Hines or Crocker, and your young elves who would be happy to delay bedtime if an army of cupcakes awaits their decorating orders.

Here are the products of our most recent cake-in-cup adventure 😀

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