Diva Indoors: Food, with love

A financial journo enjoys down time with food, family and photography

About: Her Indoors

Many years ago, in a tropical paradise far away, a little girl grew up in a jasmine-fringed house with orchids, mango trees, papaya trees, banana and coconut palms, jackfruit, soursop, tomato vines and a curry plant. She watched as her Gran cooked and baked in a bustly, fragrant kitchen full of  noisy female relatives, and, clutching onto her sari, tagged along as she distributed freshly made treats to the neighbors. The girl took a bite of her favorite cookie – a sooji biscuit, almost powder-crumbly and melt-in-mouth buttery – and fell in love with food.

That was me and I’m still obsessed with food. I have two sons and a husband from the other side of the planet. I started this blog to pass  to my kids favorite family recipes from a rich and mixed cultural heritage, dotted with daily experiments and color from our family’s sojourn on three continents.

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